Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Immortal Daddy

We found out a few days ago that the best man I know may have cancer. My daddy. He has a few blood clots and what so far looks like cancer in his lungs. So today, I'm loving him and posting a poem I wrote a few years ago for father's day.

Immortal Daddy 

To a child, a dad is a hero. 
No one else's can quite compare.
However, this view won't always last 
and if it does, it's rare. 

Children grow and begin to see, 
Dad is not all they believed him to be. 
He becomes mortal, with flaws and fears 
they've maybe now seen him shed a few tears.

And yet, I seemed to have skipped the stage 
when dads are supposed to mold, 
for mine has always been stronger than all! 
My daddy could never be old. 

His aging only increases my faith 
in the things he's taught and endured; 
his love for the gospel, Scythians, and birds 
all experiences from which I've learned. 

My fingernails dig into my hand, 
when he arm-wrestles Skylar, or Reece 
My daddy is immortal, I'm sure of it, 
so I pray that he stays in one piece. 

He will never fail! He will never die! 
He will be our family's anchor and lead our battle cry! 

I cry 
for all my weaknesses,
the many times I've let him down 
the times I've stayed in-the-box 
and disgraced the name Brown. 

Except for a humble, broken, heart 
I don't have much to offer. 
How did one as proud as I 
deserve such a father? 

I've grown to know, a Heavenly Father, 
who's glory will never cease to be. 
He's left me with you for a while, 
with great plans I can't yet see. 

As life paces forward, 
through trial and ease, 
I strive to earn a place above, 
with my eternal daddies. 

-Tori 2010

There is a blog my mom made for updates on his condition: if anyone is curious about his progress.

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