Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am the luckiest.

I have a little story for you guys.

Yesterday Nicholas told me had a surprise for me. He always has surprises for me. I guessed, correctly, that he had written me another song. We drove up Provo Canyon to a place called Vivan Park and he confirmed my suspicion! He had written me a song. :) We sat on a blanket under a beautiful willow tree next to a creek and he played me the cutest song in the world. Then he played the first song he wrote for me back on my birthday before our first kiss. :) It was a wonderful surprise. Then, very typical of Nicholas, he pulled me up on my feet and handed me a rose. Another flower to add to my collection from him. :) He started telling me why the rose reminded him of me; how the purpose of a rose is to be beautiful in it's ability to bring happiness to others and that's how he feels about me and my purpose. :) I kissed him and fell a little more in love. What I am about to relate to you is something that brings me to tears every time I think about it. It is something that is so precious and special to me that I can't even express how I feel in words. What I am going to announce is overwhelming and intense but also, peaceful. Nicholas looked at me and said, "Tori, I want to be the happiest man in the world, but that can only happen if I'm with you for eternity." I looked down and saw, my eyes blurry with tears, something sparkly in his hand. As he dropped to one knee I registered what was happening. He asked if I would marry him. I couldn't breathe. I wrapped my hands around him and strangled him just a little bit. He stood up and I kept right on hugging him. I finally pulled away to look at him and managed, "Yeah! Yes. Yes! Yes!". Then I kissed him even though it was hard to kiss him while I was beaming so ridiculously. 

He had brought our fingerpaintings from our first date, one of which was of the UP house. We reminisced and kissed and cried together. :) He also pulled out an antique looking photo album with fabric lettering that says, "OUR ADVENTURE BOOK" with blank pages for us to fill with all of our adventures together. :) I am so excited for those adventures and for all the trials to start pouring in! Becuase there is no one who I'd rather team with to fight against Satan with. He is mine and will be mine forever. He is an incredible example of selfless love and I hope to someday deserve him. 

I am engaged to be married to Nicholas Scott Porter. I am engaged. I am engaged! I am engaged. I am going to marry him on January 2nd! I love him with all that I am. :)

I am so grateful for everyone's support and love! My smile hurts from all of the excitement and happiness. :) Here's to our once upon a time!

My man. Don't be too jealous of his precious-ness.

The beautiful willow. :)

I. Love. My. Ring.

So blessed.

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